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Portable Outdoor 4G Camera

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The single lens Torch Camera is one of our redeployable cameras. As the name suggests, it has one lens and is ideal for monitoring specific outdoor areas or large venues.

Its high resolution 6 megapixel sensor technology makes coverage of a larger area possible, meaning fewer cameras are required. It is suitable for both day and nighttime use, delivering the highest quality images around the clock.


The dual lens Torch Camera offers versatility to the mobile CCTV range. It has two lenses, which can be used independent of each other or merged for wide angle.

This camera is deal for capturing details such as registration plates at entrance gates as well as an overall view of the area. Alternatively, you can opt to use both lenses together to obtain a panoramic view, providing a ‘seamless’ 12 megapixel image.

The camera is suitable for day or night use and is free from fragile mechanical components. The two lenses can also be adjusted and configured independently.


The flex mount thermal Torch Camera is a redeployable CCTV cameras that enables you to see beyond the human eye. It has two lenses, either one optical and one thermal, or two thermal, depending on your requirements.

Our 6 megapixel thermal image sensor focuses on the heat or infrared energy that is given off by an object onto a detector that is sensitive to heat. It can be utilised during the day or night and if you opt for one thermal sensor and one optical sensor, they will work together effectively to provide you with the complete picture.


The hemispheric or ‘fisheye’ Torch Camera is a wireless camera suitable for both day and night use providing distortion-free panoramic video.

This camera provides a hemispheric 180° view with a single fisheye lens giving an overview of a room or outside area. It provides image correction, whilst recording in full image mode to offer distortion-free, user-friendly views such as quad or panoramic.


Take advantage of our proven mobile CCTV technology using our award-winning camera body and the ability to mount the IP camera brand of your choice.

The 4G Varius gives you the body of our award-winning Torch Camera and all the technology and intelligence that comes with it, but with the flexibility to mount your choice of IP camera brand onto it using the generic interface plate.

This is the perfect compromise if you already have existing camera infrastructure as you can stick with what you know whilst also taking advantage of our innovative rapid deployment technology.


Compact and versatile – Our 4G Advanced Video Bridge makes viewing footage from any device simpler than ever.

Our AVB lives up to its name – it acts as a bridge to deliver the image data from multiple camera devices through to you for viewing on a standard web browser on any tablet, phone or device. The AVB makes it quick and easy for you to view footage from multiple IP cameras completely hassle-free, using LTE or WiFi communication.

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