Selecting a Video Management System

There are various aspects to consider when selecting a video management system (VMS) for your business. These include numerous features, vendors, and options that should be taken into account, which can be confusing for those who are not experts in video surveillance. It can be tough to identify what you need from a new VMS if you are new to video surveillance. So, before deciding which VMS is ideal for you and your company, let’s look at some of the basics of video management systems

What is a Video Management System (VMS)?

A video management system, also known as an IP video surveillance system, is a computer system that manages surveillance video, video clips, and recorded video evidence. They store, manage and retrieve video recordings from IP cameras and other video sources. These systems also contain analytics, ticketing features, and a user interface that allows non-technical staff to access video surveillance. VMS can be used to link cameras, record video, and monitor your premises. They can also record and manage footage from body cameras, dash cams, and other video sources. IP video surveillance systems make searching, reviewing and retrieving video recordings simple. Their utilisation benefits your company’s image and operations in a variety of ways.

Benefits of a Video Management System 

1. Error-Free Security Surveillance

Combining automation and monitoring cameras enhances dependability and precision while reducing human error. An automated video management system improves the security of facilities and people by displaying live video feeds from multiple cameras on a single central system. It also delivers instant notifications to your mobile, alerting you to any unusual behaviour on your premises.

2. Simple Configuration 

Nowadays, there are cloud-based video management systems that are relatively easy to set up. You can connect several cameras to a single VMS by simply logging into the mobile app with the proper credentials. Using the same process, you can also share access to view surveillance video with multiple individuals. Furthermore, the entire configuration procedure can be completed without the assistance of professionals, and it only takes a few minutes to get everything working.

3. Maintain Records

Both cloud-based and local VMS keep past and current video recordings safe and organised with specific details such as dates, times, and more. It makes data retrieval and video review for analysis easier. Well-kept video records come in handy when convicting criminals or when a person or company becomes the victim of a false lawsuit. In the latter scenario, the victims can use these recordings to prove their innocence in court and escape their predicament. 

How to Find the Best VMS for Your Company? 

There are a number of essential factors to consider when selecting a video management system for your business. Here is a checklist of criteria to help you find the best VMS solution to serve your requirements.

1. Licensing

All software, including video management software solutions, should be registered and licensed. Make sure to evaluate whether a solution allows you to mix and match licences to enhance system efficiency while keeping expenses under control. Moreover, seek solutions that offer full backward compatibility and the flexibility to add licences easily, enabling system expansion.

2. Hardware

Hardware prices can significantly increase the overall cost of any security installation, which can be an issue if you are dealing with a limited budget. Therefore, you should seek a solution that allows you to connect multiple cameras to each server and supports the use of affordable SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hard drives. It should also enable direct network attached storage (NAS) recording that can be stored remotely anywhere on the network.

3. Installation 

Aside from hardware, the cost of installation is another substantial system expenditure. If the installation is labour-intensive, it will take longer and cost more. Therefore, for a cost-effective system, you may choose a VMS that does not require time-consuming manual configuration. Also, make sure to search for solutions that do not need MAC (media access control) addressing and camera mapping to hard drives. 

4. Troubleshooting 

Maintenance expenses, like installation, may vary depending on how long it takes a professional to resolve an issue. Many problems with video management software solutions can be simply fixed by someone who is familiar with the system. As on-site maintenance is often subject to a minimum charge, even the most basic fix can be expensive if a technician has to physically visit the premises every time. Therefore, it is better to look for advanced VMS solutions that allow personnel to remotely access IP video surveillance systems in order to diagnose or even rectify issues without having to visit your site.

5. System Updates 

Updates, upgrades, and patches are regularly developed and deployed by software providers to ensure the stability, performance, and security of their systems. The same is true for video management software solutions. Therefore, it is advised to look for a VMS that supports automatic software patching and updating, including camera drivers, to remove the need for costly server-by-server updates in the future.

6. Safety 

It is best to choose a VMS that prioritises network and video security while making your selection. Finding a VMS that supports full encryption between clients and servers, as well as HTTPS between cameras and servers, will be ideal. Moreover, it is recommended to search for a VMS that randomises the recorded video database to prevent data manipulation. 

7. Evolution

The security landscape is continuously evolving as new products and technology enter the market, along with advanced video analytics and network access control solutions. Therefore, make sure to select a VMS provider that is flexible and agile enough to adapt to new solutions promptly. It helps to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date solutions at the best value.

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