Thermal camera

Thermal. Dual. Decentralized.

Weatherproof thermographic PoE camera for detection plus a 5 MP sensor module for identification
The modular design of the M15D system platform ensures maximum flexibility for the MOBOTIX thermographic camera. The M15D-Thermal comes standard with a thermal image sensor and a dummy module (to remain weatherproof to IP66).
In addition, it is possible to use any MOBOTIX sensor modules (5 MP, color or black and white, telephoto to Hemispheric, with or without long-pass filter/LPF) in the M15D-Thermal for identification. Camera software is then used to activate the dual image display on one of the two image sensors (thermal or standard) or both simultaneously.

Important Features

  • High-end thermografic camera with thermal sensor of typically 50 mK and a temperature measuring range of -40 to +550°C/-40 to +1022°F
  • The thermal sensor is capable of detecting in complete darkness and/or through smoke, smog, or a thin plastic film (limited during thick fog); applications include border protection: view of the sea in coastal areas, ships in the distance can be recognized in hazy conditions.
  • The combination with the MxActivitySensor in particular delivers extremely reliable video analysis results of person/vehicle movements, as it is now possible to block out disruptive factors such as regular movements of “cold” objects such as bushes, grass, water, clouds, waves etc.
  • No glare from strong sources of light (such as headlights, hand-held lamps).
  • Detection of hotter than average body parts or technical devices, detection of faults in photovoltaic systems, overheated machine bearings etc.
  • Low camera power consumption of max. 5.5 W (thermal sensor plus 5 MP sensor module, without additional MxBus devices).
  • The thermal image sensor is configured using camera software in a web browser; it is possible to display the thermal image with all other MOBOTIX user software (MxEasy, MxCC, App).

Various lens options
The M15D-Thermal is available in three different versions that differ only by the high-performance lens incorporated in the thermal image sensor:

  • MX-M15D-Thermal-L43 with a horizontal image angle of 45°
  • MX-M15D-Thermal-L65 with a horizontal image angle of 25°
  • MX-M15D-Thermal-L135 with a horizontal image angle of 17°

Weatherproof IP thermographic camera, protection class IP66 (-30°C to +60°C/-22°F to +140°F)
A thermographic camera sees what would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. Based on the proven M15 system platform, the new M15D-Thermal offers brand new application options. In combination with the camera’s existing sensors and the analysis capabilities of the camera software (MxActivitySensor, video motion detection, event logic etc.), it is now possible to reliably detect people and cars and their direction of movement, even in complete darkness.

Special Export Regulations

Cameras with thermographic image sensors (“thermal cameras”) are subject to the special export regulations of the U.S.A. and the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation):

  • According to the currently applicable export regulations of the U.S.A. and the ITAR, cameras with thermographic image sensors or parts thereof must not be exported to countries embargoed by the U.S.A. or the ITAR. At present, this applies to the following countries: Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and Sudan. The same export ban applies to all persons and institutions listed in “The Denied Persons List” (see, “Policy Guidance > Lists of Parties of Concern”).
  • Under no circumstances can the camera itself or its thermographic image sensors be used in the design, the development or in the production of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons or in the weapons themselves.

Video images of thermographic sensor:

New 5 Megapixel Sensors (5MP)

Better Light Sensitivity

The light sensitivity of the 5 Megapixel color sensors is up to four times better compared to the former 3 Megapixel sensors, which enhances the overall image quality in for instance bad weather or low light conditions.

3MP sensor

5MP sensor

More Details When Zooming

3MP sensor

5MP sensor

Black And White Resolution Now Up To 3.1 Megapixel


Main advantage

4x better light sensitivity (2x with B/W-Sensoren) Greatly enhanced image quality!
Higher frame rates Up to 30 fps@MEGA!
Black and white resolution up to 3.1 megapixel (+148 %) Significantly larger B/W images!
Improved zoom capability in live images, more details Color: +27 %; B/W: +200 %!



Unique Motion Detection in the camera

The MxActivitySensor is an activity-controlled, software-based image analysis function for detecting movement of people and objects in a monitored area (full image or section). Unlike existing video motion sensors, which detect all events in the defined motion windows, the MxActivitySensor is very easy to configure and delivers reliable results, even in applications with large amounts of external interference. For example, the camera now distinguishes between movements of vehicles, people or objects that trigger an alarm and movements that are not relevant for alarms, such as shadows, changes in illumination, trees swaying in the wind or rain directly at the lens.

Interesting detailed information regarding the MxActivitySensor can be found in our compendium “compact guide”.

What Is Detected?
The sensor detects objects or people that cross the defined monitored area or move toward or away from the camera. The MxActivitySensor will be available in May free of charge via a simple firmware update for current MOBOTIX cameras (activation in Web browser).