Video Encoder/Decoder





Your analogue cameras will love us

Amazing quality video. All the benefits of IP.

Dual hardware processing architecture delivers extra intelligence at the edge. Congestion, Virtual Tripwire, Abandoned and Removed Object analysis can be enabled in each encoder, without the need for additional server hardware. Each encoder produces up to six independent video streams, with support for unlimited viewing and recording clients making it incredibly easy and cost effective to connect previously inaccessible locations.

Give your analogue cameras a new lease of life.

Watch amazing quality live video and recorded footage, anywhere, delivered by the power of IndigoVision’s world class hardware compression technology, guaranteed full frame rate and distributed architecture design. When migrating to IP, video quality should not be compromised.

Pan Tilt Zoom. A smooth operator.

Market leading 200ms maximum PTZ latency gives incredibly intuitive and fluid PTZ control. Track and follow moving objects and targets with ease.

Pick an analogue camera. Any analogue camera.

With simple BNC video connection and control support for thousands of analogue PTZ cameras, any analogue camera can be fully integrated into the IndigoVision solution.

Slash storage and server spend.

IndigoVision’s world class compression technology and unique hardware based Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF) adds extra intelligence in each camera resulting in lower storage costs. Dual processing design delivers distributed architecture, removing the requirement for management servers and any single point of failure. Evidential quality video no longer requires massive storage and server investment.

Audio fidelity like you've never heard.

Hear more than the human voice; gunshots, breaking glass or even footsteps with amazing fidelity through in-built Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) technology.

Listen and talk simultaneously. Over any distance.

Fully video synchronised bi-directional audio, included with every camera, makes it even easier to communicate. See, Speak, Hear. The IndigoVision encoders deliver all with amazing clarity.

Encoders and management software: Designed to work together.

The IndigoVision Encoders are designed to work with IndigoVision’s Control Center management software and Recording solutions. This true end-to-end design delivers benefits such as superb scalability, distributed architecture, recording resilience and peace of mind through trusted compatibility.

Fully open architecture. Future proofed solution.

Easily add additional IP cameras from leading manufacturers, alarm systems, access control and other security systems into the world’s most open security management solution- SMS4™.

20 Channel Encoder.

The 20 Channel Encoder allows groups of 20 analogue cameras to be integrated into an IP network. The 20 Channel Encoder features a redundant power and network connector.

10 Channel Encoder/Decoder.

The 10 Channel Encoder/Decoder allows groups of 10 analogue cameras or analogue monitors (or a combination of these) to be integrated into an IP network. The 10 Channel Encoder/Decoder features a redundant network connector.

Four Channel Encoder/Decoder.

The Four Channel Encoder/Decoder allows groups of four analogue cameras or analogue monitors (or a combination of these) to be integrated into an IP network. The Four Channel Encoder/Decoder features a redundant network connector.

Single Channel Encoder/Decoder.

The IndigoVision Encoder/Decoder supports one camera or one monitor. The unit supports Power-over-Ethernet for lower installation costs.