Ruggedize Portable PC/workstation


The DuraPAC product is a robust portable computer built using all aluminum sheet metal to provide tough, go-anywhere unit suitable for tough environments and mobile applications. With the 17.3″, HD LCD display and 4-expansion slots design, the DuraPAC can easily fulfill the requirements for digital media related applications in the broadcasting market. The DuraPAC can also be configured with many special add-on cards tailored to your specific unique applications.

Every unit comes equipped with cooling fans and easy access to its expansion slots for immediate system upgrade or maintenance. With its elegant design and rugged construction, the DuraPAC is the most durable and versatile portable platform for your applications.


The BCCD is a robust portable triple LCD display system built using heavy duty metal to provide a tough, go-anywhere unit ideally suitable for wide ranges of applications such as computer-aided design, geographic information systems, and professional digital media applications. Built in a compact, lightweight form factor, the BCCD provides excellent displays for simulation and training applications.

Every BCCD comes equipped with three 1920 x 1080 HD resolution LCD displays and multiple independent DVI/VGA/DP inputs. Its independent triple inputs are fully compatible with most high-performance graphics cards.

The BCCD LCD display can be expanded and retracted fully for transporting and storage. With its rich features and extra-rugged construction to sustain bumps, it is the most durable and efficient triple display solution for your needs.


Featuring three high resolution 17″ displays, and a 16-core Intel Xeon processor, NotePAC III Pro V is ideally suited to Geospatial-Intelligence, C4ISR, drone control and any other application that demands rugged reliable processing power in a highly portable package.

The orientation of the system allows for more ergonomic keyboard placement, and also gives the display system a more solid structure to unfold from. This works particularly well for in-vehicle environments where motion can cause the 2nd and 3rd displays to vibrate.

Connectivity is unparalleled in a portable computer with eight ethernet ports – two of them fiber. Typical uses for the 10G fiber connections include connection to Network Attached Storage (SAN/NAS).

A CAC card reader makes securing access convenient. Three HDMI output ports allow all three of the displays to be duplicated as required in the CIC.


The add-on battery expansion pack charges the hot-swappable batteries, and it includes one battery charging dock, an AC-DC adapter, and a power cord.

It features a DC-input jack, six battery slots, and six LEDs for power and charging indicators. Connect the AC-DC adapter cable to the DC-input jack and then insert the battery packs in the correct direction into each slot to charge.

After inserting the battery pack in the slot, the LED indicators light up (orange) if the battery pack is being recharged. When fully charged, the indicator will turn blue.