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August 2006

Spiraltech supply IndigoVision IP Video system for the Exclusive Sentosa Cove project. Click here for details.

May 2006

Spiraltech will launch its new REVO products – the 360 degree camera (Revo360) and recorder (RevoRecorder) for the first time in this region at ISF 2006 – KL, Malaysia, from 27th to 30th June 2006. Please visit our booth at G015 for a totally new 360 degree immersive surveillance experience. For details of the show, please clickhere

December 2005

Spiraltech release its new state-of-the-art 360 degree camera and recorder product solutions for commercial security and military applications. Spiraltech Revo360 is the result of a technological breakthrough in image processing which causes a paradigm shift in the CCTV market by providing cost effective 360° situational awareness. Revo360 is powered by IMTERA™, a highly optimised image processing chip capable of tera-ops per second. It works exactly the same as a traditional PTZ except it supports dual analogue outputs, digital PTZ powered by a 3 Mega-pixels sensor, no moving parts and blind spots with a 360 degree field of view. It also comes with a built-in object tracking and unattended baggage detection to improve the overall security system productivity.

November 2005

Mobotix releases the 2_2213.mpl upgrade. New features and improvements which include multiple User/Group access levels, event logic, individual exposure for each lens etc. All upgrades are available through download at

October 2005

Appointed Solution partner for IndigoVision system. IndigoVision offers complete IP Video solution including video content analysis, guarantee 25fps at 4CIF, true MPEG4 codecs, complete enterprise video & alarm management system, external NVR storage including RAID, CD quality bi-directional audio etc. For details, please click here

October 2005

The first Mobotix D10D Mega-pixels network dome camera installation for a campus in Malaysia. To view live links, please clickcam1 and cam2

October 2005

First large-scale campus project in Singapore using Mobotix Mega-pixels network cameras and digital recording system… For detailed case study, please click here

July 2005

Spiraltech Pte Ltd will be at the Security Asia 2005, Singapore, this November 9th to 11th. Innovative Mega-pixels IP cameras will be showcase including Mobotix and IPIX network cameras. Video management software like Silicor and Luxriot will also be featured. IndigoVision system will also be displayed…Visit us at booth 3K18. For details, pls

July 2005

Mobotix released the SIP protocol in their Mega-pixels network cameras. Mobotix is the First in the world to incorporate SIP into their network cameras. With this features, the camera can reach any IP phone and mobile phone network via the internet or vice versa. All upgrades are available through download

June 2005

Appointed authorized distributor for IPIX network camera system in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

IPIX Corporation is a premier supplier of 360°, immersive imaging products for government and commercial applications. They combine experience, patented technology and strategic partnerships to deliver visual intelligence solutions worldwide. Their immersive, 360° imaging technology has been used to create high-resolution digital still photography and video products for surveillance, visual documentation and forensic analysis. Founded in July 1986, with initial funding from the Department of Energy and NASA, the company developed the first commercially available system that produced full spherical 360° by 360° navigable images. Based on this work, IPIX secured its first patent and today leads the world in immersive imaging technology. For more details, pls refer to