Network Storage

The Funkwerk-system was developed exclusively for MOBOTIX cameras

Funkwerk, the securest video-storage for MOBOTIX cameras in the world! Why?

  1. You will never miss an error again. Every funkwerk-system comes with built-in monitoring features and automated processes.
  2. Errors will be avoided since we provide an easy and intuitive interface, installation assistants and utilization monitors.
  3. The whole system is fully optimized to work with MOBOTIX cameras. Even complex tasks can be made simpler and faster by using one of our assistants.

The MOBOTIX camera configurator


  • Automatic MOBOTIX camera detection on the network (ZeroConfig)
  • Manual addition of cameras via their IP address
  • Group features

Formerly called MOBOTIX (MX) config, this tool now offers more performance and features:

It is possible to manage multiple MOBOTIX cameras in camera groups and assign access rights through simple drag and drop. In a simple example you could define two groups, i.e. ‘cameras outside‘ and ‘cameras inside‘. Each camera group has its own share on the system and is configured independently. It is also possible to assign a specific IP range to a camera group, which is used as a default.

Trust is Good, Control is Better!

You will get information about the status of the MOBOTIX cameras and the video storage.

You will get information about the location and the problem without actively monitoring the system permanently.

The Funkwerk Call Home Monitor offers exactly the feature you need.
More information about Call Home 

Camera status monitor

The camera monitor shows the real time status of any MOBOTIX system cameras. This allows the user to get a complete, system-wide overview in an instant. This overview does not only include the camera type and recording path, but also very specific status messages of each and every camera. Error codes such as ‘mount failed‘ or ‘lost events‘ are directly transferred to the system and shown on the overview right next to the camera.

The MX Remote Preview by MOBOTIX

Mx Remote Preview is integrated with Funkwerk and allows fast video research through MOBOTIX´s Control Center (MxCC) – even on slow Internet connections. None of the original data recordings are modified by this service. Images are resized to a low resolution and made available worldwide. This preview feature makes it obsolete to install and operate a dedicated web server for video preview.

There's more!

Our requirements regarding the maximum number of installed MOBOTIX cameras are always based on maximum specifications of all connected MOBOTIX cameras and therefore the system-wide requirements. The new system monitors helps to install as many cameras as possible, in this case based on the current camera settings instead of the camera maximum.