Wireless Bridge

About Fluidmesh Networks

We are the worldwide leader in wireless IP backbone systems for mission critical applications. We focus on delivering fiber-like performances via reliable wireless high-bandwidth connectivity for video, voice, and data.

Founded by a team of researchers and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA and the Politecnico of Milan in Italy, we proudly serve our customers worldwide from our headquarters in Chicago, and from our European office based in Milan, Italy.


Most Powerful Wireless Backhauling

A 2×2 MIMO-based wireless radio, VOLO is designed for backhauling mission-critical video, voice, and data. With a fully redesigned hardware platform, VOLO is a data processing powerhouse. VOLO is intuitive, easy to deploy, and can be used to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mobility networks with a real throughput of up to 180 Mbps.


Building Wireless Networks You Can Trust

The FM3100 MITO is designed and manufactured for backhauling mission critical video, voice and data. With an integrated 2×2 MIMO sector antenna, the FM3100 MITO can be used to create point-to- point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mobility networks with a throughput of up to 100Mbps.