Ultra 5K camera

IndigoVision is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, intelligent video surveillance systems for large scale and complex security installations. From video capture and transmission to analysis and storage, IndigoVision’s surveillance system provides the best quality and most secure video evidence, and uses market leading compression technology to minimise network bandwidth usage and reduce storage costs.

IndigoVision’s technology is ideally suited for use in strategic sites such as airports, rail networks, ports, cities, oil and gas installations, defense operations, casinos, stadiums, prisons and the police force to improve public safety, protect assets, develop organisations’ operational efficiency and support law enforcement.

IndigoVision operates from six regional centres in New Jersey, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Dubai, London and Edinburgh, each with training facilities, demo suites and local stocking. With sales and support staff in 30 countries, IndigoVision partners with some 500 authorised system integrators to provide local system design, installation and service to end users.

Ultra 5K Fixed Camera

Ultra-High Resolution. Winning Performance.

The IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera, the first ultra-high resolution security camera to deliver outstanding image detail and video performance, in all lighting conditions.

Experience 5K

See it in action! Ultra 5K Image (captured at 5K x 3K resolution).

Capture Every Detail.

An ultra-high resolution of 5K horizontal pixels by 3K vertical pixels gives incredible image detail and wider scene coverage from a single camera.
Get an extreme close up through the Ultra 5K’s powerful digital zoom, safe in the knowledge that every detail in the overall scene is continuously captured and recorded

Winning Performance, Even in Low Light.

A cutting edge CMOS sensor with Global Shutter and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) reduces image noise, eliminates light smearing and removes artefacts normally seen with high resolution cameras.

Outstanding image processing performance of 120 Megapixels per second gives a market leading frame rate of 6fps, resulting in smoother video.

A winner in both real life and laboratory tests, the IndigoVision Ultra 5K delivers clear images and fluid video, day or night.

Swiss Lab Low Light Comparison Test: Other 16MP camera (left) versus IndigoVision Ultra 5K camera (right)

Unbox. Install. View. Record... Effortless.

Incredibly intuitive configuration and installation means the IndigoVision Ultra 5K camera is up and running fast.

Fully ONVIF compliant, the Ultra 5K is optimised to work with IndigoVision’s Control Center management software and Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

Viewing and recording smooth motion video from the IndigoVision Ultra 5K camera is effortless.

Experience 5K

See it in action! Ultra 5K Image (captured at 5K x 3K resolution).

Indoor or Outdoor. See So Much More.

Available in internal and external IP67 rated options, the IndigoVision Ultra 5K camera is ideal for installations where image detail with wide area coverage is paramount, such as Airports, Cities, Stadiums and Major Events.

Ultra 5K Features

• 5K Ultra-High Resolution (5120 x 3840 pixels), capture every detail
• Cutting edge, CMOS sensor with Global Shutter, reduced image noise with no light smearing
• Low Light Performance (0.01 Lux) – clear images, day or night
• Market leading frame rate of 6fps for smoother video
• Internal and IP67 Rated Options
• ONVIF Compliant
• Fully integrated with IndigoVision’s Control Center management software and NVRs