Wireless Door Access System

C2Me100 Wireless Door controller

Rated Voltage DC12V/24V
Max Current 3A/10A
Wireless Standard BLE with C2Me100
Wireless Security Rolling encryption
Standby power <0.25W
Standby Current <0.001
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 degrees Celsius

Mobile APP system Requirement

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 9 or Higher

Wiring Diagram

Connect2Me is a (patented pending) technology hardware and software company that develops Bluetooth passive wireless technology for wireless home, office, events, and conferences to trade shows.

Our technologies supply our clients with secure insights in movements, detail time log and interests of people visiting home, office or large scale events, while providing convenience and entertainment for the individual visitor.



  • More than 30% reduction in wiring for installation
  • No need for specialist
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Many to many
  • Unlimited devices can be added
  • Device can be added anytime


  • Silent
  • No one point of failure
  • Rolling Encryption data
  • Multi Level Authentication
  • Trackability

De-Centralise with C2ME Technology

Traditional Bluetooth only allow one mobile device to control one device. This limit the user desire to control more than one device Another common method is allow mobile device uses network to control multiple device. This give rise to the need for additional wireless network and security concern.

Even with the new mesh Bluetooth technology which allow Bluetooth mesh profiles use Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with other Bluetooth Low Energy devices in the network. Each device can pass the information forward to other Bluetooth Low Energy devices creating a “mesh” effect. This also create compatibility issue and all device need to be in operation in order to work.

Our (patented pending) Connect2Me technology allow one mobile device to control many devices or many mobile devices can control many standard device at the same time. Beside, we do not need additional wireless network and expensive LAN cable which greatly reduce the installation cost and at the same time solve the security issue.